Brides of Broken Dreams (2014)

“Brides of broken dreams” is a documentary based on real life experiences and incidences of victims in Indian community living in Australia. This documentary showcases and reports real emotional, social and psychological breakdown which women are undergoing. This is the actual narration by involving true victims.


Coming out is hard, and no one said that once your out, life gets any easier. Somewhere over that Rainbow follows the journey of 6 young people searching for acceptance and freedom. Can these teens prove that no matter who you are, if the thing you want to change is worth changing, then you’ve already got that power?

From Dhoom films and Lights in the Darkness inc. comes “the kind of cheesy, heartwarming story I wish I had when I was 15”

We are proud to announce that we were nominated in 4 Categories in Nice International Film Festival 2017 and we have won 2 Awards.


Best Editing – Saahil Luthra

Best Director – Rhiannon Williams

Best Film – Rhiannon Williams

Best Supporting Actress – Laura Rigon 


Best Director  – Rhiannon Williams

Best Supporting Actress – Laura Rigon